3rd Party Test Results – Master List

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For convenience, here is the master list for all of the 3rd party test results here in one spot. You can find the original test results links here:

  1. Myrrh test results – “all tested well with “very good” odor quality and no adulteration or contamination.” View Myrrh test results post here.
  2. Tea Tree test results – Two were found “not in compliance.” View Tea Tree test results post here.
  3. Peppermint test results – 9 were found “Not in Compliance,” 3 “In Compliance,” and 1 was disputed. View Peppermint test results post here.

Alphabetic list of companies, denoting essential oil tested and results:

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3rd Party Test Results – Master List — 5 Comments

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  2. On the next round of testing could you please test Ancient Legacy essential oils. I would be happy to send an unopened bottle of whatever oil you will be testing. Thank you.

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